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Candle-Cup for cacao


Candle Cup for Cacao.

Hand made, filled with natural soya wax, ceramic cup. After burnout the candle transforms into usefull bowl, from which you can drink your favourite cacao.

It is a very practical gift for yourself and others. Simultaneously gives light, improves mood and is a usefull cup to drink your beverage.

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Candle Cup for Cacao, made by an artist is equipped with a wooden, sizzling wick. Its emitted sound during the burning brings you into a state of relax.

A special composed composition of aromatic oils is added to a natural wax used in this candle.

While using natural candles with aromatic oils we receive 100% of nature. This type of candles we create thinking about followers of natural products, who take care of their health and have much bigger consumer awareness.

More about Cacao…

Different names:
Candle cup, candle bowl, cacao cup, cacao bowl

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