About us

About us


Tommy Harevis & Nina Dąbrowska

We are travellers, artists, musicians.

For many years we study cosmovision and ways for good life from Guatemalan indigenous elders.  Our teachers are, among others: Nana Marina Cruz, his holy memory Tata Pedro Cruz of Tz’utujil tribe, Mayan descendants from lake Atitlan.

Since 2012 we travel with mentioned elders all over the world, visiting countries, where Tatas and Nanas (titles for leaders of that tradition) share their knowledge and practices.

As Cacao is a plant that was used in a ceremonial and daily way by Mesoamerican people from ancient times and by Mayans from millenniums, we share with you, that we study this topic directly from the source. Our teacher, Nana Marina Cruz even wrote a thesis at Mayan Language Academy about ancient usage of Cacao and its presence in Mayan culture based on encountered scriptures and excavations.

We are passionate about ancient cultures, knowledge of indigenous people and how we can positively benefit from their advices and practices in our and our close one’s lifes. Thanks to Mayans, everyday we rediscover the power of gratitude and respect. That’s why we decided to share Cacao as “Gracias Cacao” with quality as following: to remind oneself and others about gratitude for everything whatwe have and what we receive. To appreciate little gestures, notice the moments and to stop with a cup of warm Cacao in the face of constantly flowing cycles of time.

Together we also guide Polish website offered to Traditional Mayan Calendar Cholq’ij: www.kalendarzmajow.pl

Tommy Harevis

Musician, flutist, traveller. I’m a passionate, who tries to use music for expression of experiences, feelings and fascination for life, world and people.

My creation is centered around instrumental, therapeutic, relaxation, ethnic and cinematic music. My speciality are ethnic flutes from many lands of the world, that I use during the recordings and concerts. I travel regularly around the world, nourishing myself with inspirations and learning from indigenous leaders. In the summer of 2014 I was initiated to work with “Sacred Fire” according to tradition of Mayan Tzutu’jil tribe from Guatemala.

I’m run my website and shop with instruments: www.harevis.com

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Nina Dąbrowska

I work with handcrafts since ever, as I come from artistic family. Currently I study at Folk University of Artistic Crafts, where I develop my passions. I play the frame drum, ukulele and sing, as it gives me a lot of joy.

Since my childhood I’m also into Mayan culture, what later, in adulthood, magically evolved into travels to the jungle, incredible Mayan temples, archeological excavations and meeting the descendants of this special culture. In that exact time I had an opportunity to discover Cacao from traditional side.

Some day I had a dream, that Cacao has transformed into my blood. Since that night I knew, that Cacao will fulfill a bigger role in my life than before. 

I run my website with handicrafts: www.junglemorpho.com 

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