Preparation Instructions

cacao elders ceremony

Prepation Instructions

The following suggestions are based on experience and teachings of indigenous guides who work
with cacao.


10-15g for celebration
15-20g for meditation
20-30g for deeper practice
above 30g stronger „ceremonial” doses begin, which are recommended in the company of an
experienced leader, as the effect can last up to 4-6 hours.

preparation cacao

In case of pregnancy the „celebration„ dose is recommended and a consultation with a doctor.

In case of pressure problems, heart problems, taking psychotropic medicaments or more serious
body conditions, smaller amount (less than 15g) and consultation with a doctor is recommended.
Not to be mixed with alcohol, stimulants.

Preparation – Cacao as a beverage

Grate Cacao into small pieces using a knife or a grater. Heat the water in a pot without bringing
it to a boil. When the water will start to bubble, turn off the heat and add Cacao. Stir in hot water
until thoroughly dissolved. Hand blender can be used. Serve hot.

cooking cacao

Proportion of Cacao and water depends on your taste. An example of proportion would be 125ml of water for a Cacao cup.

In a traditional way Cacao is served bitter, 100% without additives. For enrichment it will taste
good with honey, plant-based milk, spices, etc.


In a traditional way (during and outside of the ceremony), Cacao is always received with an
intention. Most often it is an intention of celebration, gratitude and deeper connection with
oneself. Below we propose a traditional Mayan Tz’utujil invocation, which can be performed before
drinking Cacao, while holding a cup in your hands:

Oh Heart of the Sky! (we direct Cacao up to the sky)
Oh Heart of the Earth! (we direct Cacao towards the Earth)
Oh Heart of the Water! (we direct Cacao towards our left side)
Oh Heart of the Fire! (we direct Cacao towards our right side)
Oh Four Winds that we breathe! (we bring Cacao in front of us and take a deep breath)
Oh Heart of our Life! (We direct Cacao towards our heart)

We saturate Cacao with our intentions and drink it.
It is recommended to keep Cacao a bit longer in your mouth to let the taste fully blossom.

Enjoy your Cacao!