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Cacao 100g


The Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional is one of the rarest, aromatic and delicious cacao varieties.

This type of cacao is very liked by our clients, as for ceremonial, meditative and daily usage.

Our cacao is obtained from trusted sources in cooperation with local cooperatives and family business in its country of origin. It goes through minimal amount of processing, so it saves all nutrients.

With your order you will receive a printed instructions in an envelope on how to prepare cacao beverage.

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100% Cacao means that it is a pure cacao, not degreased and without additionals. Fully vegan, gluten free, kosher and without alergens.

Cacao is perfect to drink as a beverage wihout additionals, but it is also tasty with honey, plant milk and spices.

It can be used for pastries and confectionery, for example chocolate, brownies, ice creams, cookies, bars, icing.

We send cacao in an easily soluble mass divided into pieces in a kraft paper food packaging.

Cacao has EU BIO certificate.

Package 100g is perfect to try our Cacao, or as a gift. It contains approx. 3-4 “meditation” portions or 6 “celebration” portions, if used for such purposes.  Portions are compatible with recommended dosing in preparation instructions that come with order.

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How to prepare cacao beverage…

Different names:
cacao mass, ceremonial cacao, cacao liquor

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